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MRI Bankers’ Guide to

        Foreign Currency                                                          ™

        Since its first issue - published in 1990 - central and              This is what the experts say
        commercial banks, exchange bureaus, libraries, universities,         about “MRI Bankers’ Guide to
        government agencies, numismatic dealers, travel agents and           Foreign Curreny”  ™:
        those involved in international trade rely on MRI Bankers’
        Guide to Foreign Currency to find which currrencies are
        used anywhere in the world, which banknotes are current,             “The Bible of Foreign Exchange
        new issues and recalls, and virtually everything else they           tellers”
        need to know about foreign currency.  In this manual, updated                     Herwig Bayer, AFEX
        often, you’ll find timely information about:                                               Los Angeles

               ● Description of all current banknotes of all
                  countries, with 2,000+ full color pictures,
                                                                             “Clear and concise, an
               ● Complete Euro changeover information,                       invaluable publication”
                                                                                                José M. Avilés,
               ● Description of outmoded and redeemable                                Argentine Central Bank
                  currency, with their exchange limit date,                                                               MRI BANKERS’ GUIDE TO FOREIGN CURRENCY™   96th EDITION   I.2021   ISSN  1055-3051

               ● Monetary units of 220+ countries,
                                                                             “This guide reflects changes in all
               ● A brief monetary history detailing currency                 currencies in a timely manner.”
                  changes in the last seventy years,                                         Colin R. Bruce, II

               ● Usual and ISO currency codes,                                     former Krause Publications.

               ● Tourist and parallel rates of exchange for
                  every country,                                             “I manage a 24 hour Airport

               ● Limits on currency import and export,                       operation.  Knowing that my
                                                                             tellers have this manual to guide
               ● Announcements about upcoming issues and                     them when I am not there gives
                  changes of monetary units,                                 me peace of mind.”

               ● Warnings about costly mistakes to avoid,                                        Shamir Desai
                                                                               International Currency Exchange
               ● A pictorial guide to identify exotic currencies,

               ● Traveler checks in 14 currencies, and telephone
                  numbers to verify them.
               ● How to verify dubious American bills by phone.

               ● Visit to find current
                  the latest information about the field.

                                                                                                                                          MRI Bankers’ Guide to Foreign Currency

        Monetary Research Institute                                                 ISBN 0-9629339-7-X
        P.O. Box 3174  Houston, TX 77253-3174 U.S.A.                         ISSN 1055-3851   $75.00                                      96th Edition                                                                    I.2021
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